Fleece & Thank You

The nonprofit organization was founded by Oakland University men’s soccer alum Nicholas Kristock who played professional soccer for Logan Lightning FC in Brisbane, Australia and now for Carpathia FC. During his stay in Australia, he often volunteered at children’s hospitals. He met a 4-year-old girl named Sophie who was battling neuroblastoma. Sophie was his inspiration. After moving back to the U.S. in October 2015, he began to reach out to his friends and family to support his cause that brings smiles to children’s faces. With everyone’s help, he was able to deliver 57 blankets to Mott Children’s Hospital as Fleece & Thank You’s first delivery.Someone can get involved with the organization by creating a blanket, scheduling an event or making a donation.

“Every year, about 22,000 children in Michigan enter the hospital for some form of treatment,” Kristock said. “Our goal is to be there with a blanket and a video message for every single one of them.”slide4

After the fleece blankets are made by hand, the person who makes the blanket gets an opportunity to make a video message to go along with it. When the blanket is delivered, the patient views the message and gets a chance to thank the person.

“My most memorable times from the first year were also some of the toughest,” Kristock said. “I was lucky to become close friends with two special blanket recipients who, unfortunately, both passed away from their illness. It was tough to get close to someone new and then say goodbye, but the joy I saw our blankets and video messages bring has fueled me to continue pursuing this dream.”

Kristock’s alma mater has been an opportunity to get more people involved with the organization. Volunteers set up information tables at sporting events to spread the word.

“Oakland University community has been strong in their support for us,” Kristock said. “We have actually started a student organization on campus that helps run our OU events.”

Oakland University student and volunteer Bohdanna Cherstylo heard about the organization last year and got involved.

“The experience has been humbling,” Cherstylo said. “When you have the opportunity to be able to come together with people you haven’t met and work for a greater cause, you realize that it can make a difference in a person’s life. When you volunteer there, every moment is one of learning and kindness. You work with volunteers and many groups who take the time out of their day to make someone else’s a bit brighter.”

Kristock, as executive director at Fleece & Thank You, runs the organization from Novi, Mich. He travels to events and delivers blankets to hospitals across Michigan.


Visit:    http://fleeceandthankyou.org/