Carpathia FC Drops Both Games To Toledo

It was a must win game for Carpathia FC if they hoped to keep their season alive, facing a tough Toledo Villa FC side. The task proved to be difficult. Having lost at home, CFC was looking to split the games. It was a great start for Carpathia controlling the first 15 minutes of the game and creating chances that needed to be finished. A perfectly placed ball into the bottom corner by Kazuya Odawara would “ding” off the post and keep the game scoreless. After those opening 15 minutes, the remainder of the game, Toledo took control. Scoring two goals in the last two minutes of the first half, forced the Carpathia FC coaches to make tactical changes searching for some goals. Toledo would net another one making the game 3-0 and would seal the deal. Carpathia now sits in the middle of the table with a 4-4-0 record.

Carpathia FC travels this weekend to Grand Rapids to take on Ole SC. Be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter.